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Tendances mariage 2024

For this new year, I’m telling you EVERYTHING about wedding trends 2024.


We want to spice things up

No more pastel colors, this year we’re daring! We dare color, we dare flashy. Yellow, blue, red, it’s all about pep.

No more boring pastels, we want cheerful colors.

fleurs flashy

Color aside? Well, we want to keep things lively. Why not opt for a caterer who offers a live meal right in front of your eyes? You can schedule different workshops at the same time, so there’s something for everyone: barbecue on a brazier, oystersbar, live cocktails by a mixologist (and more color).

And because we want to keep things moving, we’ve done away with table settings. The trend is to move around, changing tables or opting for smaller, more convivial ones, and the catering workshops will encourage you to wander around and meet all the guests.


We want more

Because let’s face it, one day is far too short! So why not plan a wedding over several days? A three- or four-day wedding, with a variety of activities every day.

Opt for an estate with sufficient accommodation so that everyone can stay and enjoy. Plan entertainment, games and even a different theme for each day.

If guests arrive a little early, they’ll have a chance to get to know each other before your big day. Plan games or activities.

We want to pamper our guests

We agree it’s your big day, but without our loved ones, it’s just not the same. What we want is to share this big day with those closest to us.

So opt for a smaller, more intimate wedding with just your nearest and dearest.

Plan surprises for guests: gifts, shows, entertainment.

Set up bars of all kinds: ephemeral tattoo bars, flower bars where you can make your own bracelet or buttonhole.

Why not set up a cocktail-making workshop?


In 2024, we’re breaking the rules! We’re daring, we’re having fun, we’re creating a timeless space for ourselves and our guests.

And because we can’t get enough of it, I’m adding a little bonus!

Do you know what will become fashionable again in 2024?

robe mariée courte manches bouffantes.


Retro is making a comeback! So ladies, let’s get out the puff-sleeved dresses!

Pearls are also in, whether as an accessory, in your decoration or even on your cake.

And for a retro touch, pick up the audiobook phone and record your message!



You know all about wedding trends in 2024, so now all you have to do is plan it!

A wedding in 2024? there’s still time for D-Day coordination! Don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking here.


The role of a wedding planner



When I say Wedding Planner, what comes to mind? People in suits with earpieces yelling at everyone in American movies? Well, I’d say yes and no. Well, of course they don’t shout at everyone, but they do sometimes use walkie-talkies. But who are these people? That is what we are going to find out.


         Where does the business come from?


As you’d expect, it’s a profession that comes to us straight from the United States. It first appeared in the 1900s-1920s, but remained little-known until 1950. That’s when it really began to take hold. Today, 85% of brides and grooms use a wedding planner. This is the norm in the United States.

In France, it’s not quite the same. The profession is still largely unknown, and for good reason: it only made its debut in France in 2002, which explains why it hasn’t yet taken root. Only 10% to 15% of brides and grooms use the services of a wedding planner, but this figure is rising all the time.

But let’s get down to business: what’s the role of a wedding planner?


The role of a Wedding Planner 


The role of a Wedding Planner, as the name suggests, is to organize weddings. The aim is to work with the bride and groom to decide which direction to take, and then to do everything possible to organize the wedding of their dreams. The Wedding Planner then takes care of finding the right service providers, drawing up a year-long planning schedule, making phone calls, setting up appointments… In fact, she’s the link between the bride and groom and the service providers. The Wedding Planner also ensures that the wedding budget is not exceeded, so that the bride and groom have no unpleasant surprises. He or she is also there to give you tips and advice on the latest trends, or to come up with original ideas.


What about the D-day?


On the wedding day, the Wedding Planner coordinates the day. A schedule will be drawn up in advance to ensure that the day runs smoothly. She’s also the master of time, making sure everything starts on time. She’s also there to direct guests if necessary, and to assist the bride and groom throughout the day, managing entertainment and surprises. In fact, she’s the Swiss Army knife of the day.

Our objective? To make sure that everything runs smoothly, and to handle the unexpected discreetly, so that the bride and groom can enjoy their day to the full.



In short, a Wedding Planner takes care of most of the organization of your wedding according to your guidelines, so you get all the benefits of organization. All you have to do is approve the suppliers, organize the tastings and enjoy your day, while the Wedding Planner ensures that everything runs smoothly on the big day.



Are you convinced?

Don’t hesitate to contact me!






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